Hello! My name is Marcus.

I am a front end developer based in Bristol, UK. I create websites and branding for startups, individuals, and small businesses.
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about me

In 1991, I graduated from Falmouth school of Fine Arts Cornwall (FSA). Arriving in Bristol in early 1992 I became interested in digital music, concentrating on sound design, and electronic music. As well as my personal recorded work I was commissioned to do short pieces for the BBC, Channel Four and Aardman Animations in Bristol.

Over time my focus shifted to web technologies & their capabilities. I did a short course on HTML & CSS and decided that was what I would persue.

It became obvious that there was a wealth of information online that I could use to teach myself. This method proved invaluable and put me in touch with a lot of the true web pioneers, the developers and designers who continually push the Web forward.

In 2011 I did an internship at a local digital Agency here in Bristol. Here I bolstered my existing skills, and learnt a lot in a short time! Beginning with mocking up Photoshop & Illustrator flat templates into working HTML websites, and fiddling around with JavaScript, whilst gaining an indepth knowledge of how an agency runs itself day to day.

From here I went on to design and build the sites you see here, and obvioulsy this site itself. So have a look around, then feel free to contact me..

more about me

Should you (and you should!) hire me to create a website or logo, know that I take a personal interest in your projects and goals. I will not blindly plug your information into a default website theme.

I create unique and personalized work for all of my clients. I am also a firm believer in teaching clients to maintain their own websites. With today's tools, managing your website can be as easy as writing an email and infinitely more gratifying. Finally, I place high value on clean and maintainable code, and do my best to utlilize upcoming web technologies while continuing to support web standards.

Latest News

Chubba plumbing Website


Just finished my first static site in a while, you can view it here at: chubbaplumbing.co.uk The site is fully responsive so is viewable easily in tablet or mobile browsers.